On its own, mastopexy is a surgical procedure that helps to move the position of the nipple so that your breasts do not appear droopy or saggy. It works best for women who have enough breast tissue. Your doctor will need to examine your breasts in comparison with the rest of your body. This will ensure that the breast size is appropriate for your body structure. If you feel that your breasts are too asymmetrical, then you will need to discuss with your doctor the options that are available for you.

An incision will need to be made on the areola to reposition the nipple. Since it is done for women who have mild sagging, it does not move the position over a long distance. This is mainly because, in this stage of sagging, the nipple is just below the curve of the breast. By doing this, the breast will be pointed or perky once again. When sagging is at an advanced stage, you may need to have another procedure done to gain the pointed shape of breasts.

To hide the scars as much as possible, the incision is made in a rounded shape following the areola. Then it is extended downwards toward the lower side of the breast. This will help you not to be too worried about the scarring that occurs as a result of the process. Another way the incision can be made is through the donut style. Both ways of making the incision are quite sensitive.

Results Of Mastopexy

If your breast tissue is sufficient enough to have a mastopexy done as the only procedure, then there are three major things you can expect. Your breast tissue will no longer be hanging downwards. It will be elevated to some extent. Your nipple and areola will have a new position. It will move from the lower part of your breast to the normal position which is above the breast curve.

You will also have an improved breast shape which will be natural. The shape may not necessarily be larger. If you want larger breasts, then you will need to consider other options such as having breast implants. However, if you had saggy breasts, you can still have the mastopexy done and then consider whether you will go for the breast implants later. If you do choose to have the implants inserted, then you can be sure of better results since the position of the nipple will already have been adjusted.

What Mastopexy Cannot Do

From the explanation above, you probably have identified the fact that mastopexy is a good solution for saggy breasts. This is especially where the skin is still elastic enough and the breast tissue sufficient. However, if your breasts became saggy because of weight loss or weightlifting, mastopexy cannot solve the problem. The reason for this is that it cannot achieve a larger breast size because it does not add anything to your breasts. It cannot also correct breasts that are of different sizes for the same reasons.


You will need to follow the instructions that your doctor gives you if you want to recover quickly after the procedure. Although people respond to treatment in different ways, proper care can ensure that you are back to work after about ten days.