If you are troubled with your snoring problem, and don’t want a surgical procedure to remedy it, you can make use of non-surgical ways to prevent snoring. One type is by using a Nasal CPAP. It is very effective in controlling your snore but it is only temporary and does not cure the root cause of your problem. With such, the device is to be worn each night. If you find this to be of a bit of a hassle then this may not be for you.

Before your doctor advises you to wear such a device, as your way to prevent snoring, you will be evaluated as to the frequency of episodes of obstructed breathing while on your sleep, as to the noise disturbance your create during your sleep, as to the headaches you experience throughout the day, etc. You will undergo a physical exam, with your medical history taken into consideration. An otorhinolaryngological examination to check your airway will also be conducted. The last step of the evaluation involves checking and determining the appropriate CPAP pressure during a sleep study. All the data and information gathered will be used in determining the right treatment for your snoring problems.

Nasal Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) makes use of specially designed nasal masks or pillows. It helps keeping your airway open while inhaling. It is an effective non-surgical remedy to prevent snoring and to treat obstructive sleep apnea problems. The mechanism blows air on the upper airway, just enough to prevent the airway tissues from obstructing your breathing during sleep. The pressure of this device is kept consistent, and continuous.

Once you have been finally advised to use CPAP by your doctor to prevent snoring, the next critical thing is choosing the mask for your use. Comfort should be a consideration. An alternative though is the use of nasal pillows where two small caps are inserted into the nostrils. Those with beard or moustache usually prefer this, as facial hair can compromise the effectiveness of said masks.

Dry skin also is an impediment to the function of the mask seal. The use of skin moisturizers made specifically for CPAP purposes will solve this problem. Take note as well that too much skin oil also is a problem as it loosens the contact between the mask and the face.

CPAP machines are the chosen device of those who travel a lot. These devices are portable. They can bring it anytime. CPAP machines can be placed into travel bags without any hassle. Pllus, once they reach their destination, they can simply be plugged into an electrical outlet, go to bed, and get a good night sleep.

The use of CPAP to prevent snoring is a matter of choice. Your doctor can advise you well on this matter, and should this fit your comfort and convenience, choose a mask that you like. There are manufacturers who offer custom made masks with your comfort in mind. Never settle for anything less than what gives you comfort in the application of CPAP for your snoring problems.