Lasers have an array of uses nowadays. They are used for science, surgical procedures, manufacturing, construction and even for fun. However, it can be confusing to utilize the term laser for all these applications, even though they are not necessarily the same thing. For instance, it would be a bad idea to utilize a metal-vaporizing laser to play laser tag.

Lasers have also been designed for cosmetic purposes, offering a non-invasive solution to fix problem areas and alleviate the effects of ageing. When it comes to the use of lasers for cosmetic purposes, there two primary fields: skin treatment and hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal

Hair in unwanted regions not only becomes a hassle, but it tends to make the individual self-conscious regarding their looks. Hair removal using lasers provides an easy, painless and long-lasting means of getting rid of unsightly hair.

The process is quite straightforward. Small laser beams are set at varying strengths and wavelengths so that they just target dark pigments. The usage of the laser is determined by the wavelength. Some wavelengths are high-powered, with the ability to engrave into metals while others are harmless, and thus utilized to fix something like a cavity. It all boils down to the wavelength.

When it comes to hair removal, the laser removes the hair without causing damage to the surrounding skin. Generally, the procedure is painless. There’s however, some discomfort, similar to a rubber band snapping against the skin. There’s also a bit of soreness during the healing period, but the symptoms are minor and curable.

Perhaps the best thing about laser hair removal is that the results are almost permanent. It may call for several sessions to completely remove the unwanted hair, but in most cases, the effect will last.

Laser Skin Treatments

Unlike hair removal, laser skin treatments involve lasers that go beyond the top layer of the skin and targets the second layer, often known as the dermis. These treatments even out the skin tone and alleviate the signs of ageing like wrinkles, blotchiness and highly visible veins.

The Pulsed Light Rejuvenation System, is one popular proven laser skin treatment method. It emits light pulses into the skin cells, which is absorbed by pigments that are responsible for visible veins and sunspots. This method causes skin abnormalities to fade within a few weeks after treatment.

Another laser skin treatment method works by penetrating both the epidermis and dermis to create a new healthy tissue underneath. After some time, the new tissue will alleviate wrinkles and sagging by repairing the elasticity and tightness that your skin once had.

So, are Laser Treatments Ideal for You? advises that the best way to find out is by consulting a qualified specialist. They’ll be able to answer any queries regarding the procedure like the risks, recovery time and whether laser skin therapy is an ideal option for your condition.

To learn how lasers can help improve your looks and self-confidence, it is advisable to talk to a laser skin treatment and hair removal today.